Instagram File Upload Instructions

At this early stage of our service, we need you to upload some files from your Facebook account in order for us to generate your report. On this page, we provide instructions to make this process as quick and easy as possible. You can also follow the video tutorial below.

*Note: The files you upload on this page are not stored in our servers and are not retained after your report has been generated*

First, click the following link to navigate to the page where you can download your Instagram Information.

*Note: You may need to login when clicking the link, you will then be redirected to the appropriate page. After accessing this link, return to this page for further instructions*

You should then see this page

It is extremely important that you change the Format setting on this menu from HTML to JSON. Failure to change this will result in our programs not being able to process your data.

It may autofill with your email address, but if you would like to change it you can do so.

Now, you may need to wait for a couple of minutes (10-15). When your files are ready to be downloaded, Instagram will send you an email. At that point, you can re-enter your password on the page you are directed to and download your file. Then all you need to do is drag and drop or upload the file on your account page of our website.

As soon as your file is uploaded, work begins on generating your report. Given that we are receiving multiple requests, it may be a week or so before your report is ready to be viewed. We will keep you updated on the progress during this process via email!

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Unveil Team