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The landscape of data privacy in the modern age is constantly evolving. Here, we’ll share updates on our service as well as useful information regarding protecting your data that won’t take more than 5 minutes to read

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Privacy is dead

A Brief History of Facebook’s Privacy Issues

We walk through the major privacy breaches and scandals that Facebook has encountered since it’s inception.

Instagram Logo

Instagram Digestible Data Policy

What information of your’s does Instagram collect and how do they use it?


What is a VPN and should you use one?

A brief explanation of VPNs and who we have partnered with to bring you the safest internet experience.

Identity Fraud: What Really Happens When Someone Steals Your Information

Will shares his experiences with identity fraud and explains why it is important to know where your data is.

Boo Facebook

Facebook Digestible Data Policy*

Breaking down the Facebook privacy policy and explaining in layman’s terms so that it is easily digestible

What can you do? (Facebook)

We’ll show you how to get Facebook to stop tracking your movements to other websites and delete that information that they already have on you.

Updates and the Value of Your Data

Could you be profiting off of your information that Facebook takes from you?

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