Identity Fraud: What Really Happens When Someone Steals Your Information

Identity theft is not something that I can say I’ve spent a great amount of time thinking about of my life. In fact, it’s not even something I knew the formal definition of before I unfortunately became very well acquainted with it.

            One day, I woke up and was going about my day as I usually do. I was messing around on my phone, and I decided to check my bank account balance. The amount of money in my accounts was alarmingly low and I immediately knew something was up. Inspecting the charges on my account, I could see that someone had gained access to several of my accounts across different sites/services and was trying to spend all my money on gift cards. Obviously, this was alarming, but I had no idea what a pain it would end up being.

            Firstly, I of course had to change all my passwords, because I really had no idea which one was compromised at this point. These days, when there are so many services that people have accounts on, this ended up being a massive pain. Then of course there’s talking with the bank trying to report charges as fraudulent which ended up being pretty tough when I didn’t even entirely know what was going on myself. Eventually I was able to figure out which of my accounts had been compromised, and let me tell you, these people really make it as hard as they can for you to regain access to them. It took days going through customer support lines and chats to get back access to just a few accounts. The whole process was incredibly frustrating. I did eventually get everything resolved, but the stress and annoyance that I went through was something I would not wish on anyone, and unfortunately, I didn’t have the resources at the time to figure out how my information was leaked in the first place.

            So why am I telling you all this? Well, something that I would have really loved to know at that point in time is who my information had been taken from. That’s part of why I’m so driven to do what we’re doing here at Unveil. Transparency with the customer is so rare in the industries that are dealing with everyone’s data and that cannot continue to be the case. If I knew what companies had my data and I could see if any had some recent data breach, I could then try to hold them accountable to a degree that just isn’t seen very often right now. There really is a value in knowing who has your data beyond just finding some interesting data points. We’re going to keep working as hard as we can to stop these abusive practices from companies who aren’t held accountable and we hope you’ll join us as we go down this path. Thanks for reading.

  • – Will

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