What can you do? (Facebook)

Hello all. Thanks for being our earliest adopters and supporting us from the get go! A common question we’ve been getting from people who have already gotten their reports is, “What can I do about this?”. Truthfully, Facebook doesn’t want you to stop them from tracking and thus makes it difficult for you to do anything about it.  That being said, in this post we are going to focus on the parts of your Facebook settings that you can change today to allow you the utmost privacy and security possible on the site. We’ll show you how to get Facebook to stop tracking your movements to other websites and delete that information that they already have on you.

The first order of business is to visit this link and examine your current privacy settings.  If you follow the instructions laid out in this “privacy checkup” you will be allowed to change some minor settings to your liking.  We definitely recommend that you go and read through this carefully and make some of the changes if you feel uncomfortable about who can see your information and what can be done with it.


After you’ve done that, there’s one more action that you can take to stop them from tracking your offsite movements!  First, go to this link:


Clicking that will take you to this page: You only need to focus on the two sections that are circled

When you go to clear your history you should be given this option: Select Clear History

Now go to Manage Future Activity to disallow Facebook from tracking you moving forward! You should see this screen: Click on Manage Future Activity 

This will take you to the final screen: Select Turn Off

Congratulations, you have now successfully stopped Facebook from tracking your habits on other websites!  For now, this is the most that you can do to stop the sharing of your information. This should also reduce the number of targeted ads that you get. Right now, we’re hard at work improving our site and preparing for the next steps and services that we will be offering! Thanks for reading and coming along this journey with us, be sure to check back often for new posts and more tips to secure your data!

The Unveil Team

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